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                       Testimonies from our Clients:


This organization has helped me and my children so much; I am a single mother with three children 7, 3, and 1. When I was pregnant with the last child I had to be on bed rest the entire pregnancy.  I was not able to have a baby shower and the father was not involved in our lives.  Whenever I needed something this organization was there for me even if I just needed to talk.  They provided clothes, diapers, and things for us that I didn’t even think about asking for. ~ Kristina 


My life experience with Blessed Vessels has been great. Ms. Valencia has helped me out emotionally and has given me the support I needed when I didn't have a lot of it. ~ Shekinah 


Blessed Vessels has been a life saver, when I didn't have anybody by my side they were there helping me every step of the way. I think what they do for young ladies is amazing. The ladies listened to my problems, assisted and helped me to the best of their ability. They provided baby items for my unborn twins and helped me plan and organize my baby shower. After my twins were born they continue to assist me. I really feel blessed to have Blessed Vessels in my life, without BV I don't know what I would have done. ~ Maron and Kadijatu




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